Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 day challenge

Post number one only minimally about SCA, food or feast planning. Let us see where the wander will take us, shall we?

I have decided to undertake a 30 day challenge and mine is to commit to one post a day here for the next 30 days. Hopefully something relating to SCA, feast planning, research, food, or etc...

So, let me try to open my brain a little today. What is on my mind? Feast! Garden of Earthly Delights to be precise. I know, cutting it a bit close since it is after all this weekend! Normally my process starts Months in advance and this was no exception, though I have hit a few snags. Holidays, sickness and apathy have all worked against me at some point in this process. I have lists of recipes to try, to redact and to work with. I just haven't been bothered to put it into any sort of cohesive "plan", and "plan" is usually my problem.

How am I fixing this? Well to start I hit the sales papers. Next I am sticking to basic and simple foods and flavors. Three, deciding that I am OK using these people as guinea pigs! Yes folks you will be eating some foods that are just as new to you as they are me! :)

The atmosphere of GoED has always been one of "try it out!", Sort of hard to do with foods and a small kitchen, though people are more than welcome to drop in and watch or even help! I think my "table" will be my kitchen. It will mostly be me on my own in there as most everyone else will be busy so the key really will be simplicity. The other key will be prep, stuff I can do ahead of time.
Hmm, I will not be able to post on Saturday so I will have to go a day longer or double post on a day :) I should be able to post Friday and Sunday without problems. Maybe I can get one in on Sat morning.

Well off and running!

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