Friday, August 12, 2011

Book 5 recipe 108 to prepare a pumpkin tourte without a shell.

     When the oumpkin is scraped, cooki it in a good meat broth or else in salted water and butter. Then put it into a strainer and squeeze the broth out of it. Grind it in a  mortar along with, for every two pounds of it, a pound of fresh ricotta and a pound of creamy cheese that is not too salted. When everything is ground up put it through a colander, adding in ten well beaten eggs, a pound of ground sugar, an ounce of ground cinnamon, a pound of milk, four ounces of fresh butter and half an ounce of ginger. Have a tourte pan ready with six ounces of very hot butter in it and put the filling into it. Bake it in an oven or braise it, giving it a glazing with sugar and cinnamon. Serve it hot.
     You can do midrib of lettuce in April the same way, after it has steeped thoroughly and been parboiled.

I have made this recipe exactly as is stated in its "minimum" ammounts. DELICIOUS, it was fabulous. I must say though that it was equally good cold (from the fridge) we didn't have a chance to eat it room temperature. I have a huge ceramic torte (10.5 inches) pan and it filled that one and then a smaller one i have(9.5 inches) so either their pans were larger still or deeper than mine are. My pans are roughly an inch deep.

This very much has the consistancy of a good custard.

I used a "standard" pumpkin for this and am going to try a few more variations this fall.

As a side note. i cooked it like a custard too so for about an hout at 170c or about 350f .