Sunday, December 9, 2012

Page 233 rec# 185 To prepare a thick soup of einkorn ot hulled barley

      Einkorn is a much larger grain than that from which bread is made; in Lombardy a lot of it is found and used for making tourtes and flans, as I say in the book on pastry in the appropriate recipes. Cull through it, then, and clean it or dust and set it to soak in warm water for ten hours, occasionally changing the water. Set it to cook in a fat meat broth in a tinned copper or earthenware pot, adding to it yellow saveloy or ordinary sausage or else a piece of salt pork marrow to flavor it. Then add cinnamon and saffron, cooking it on the coals away from the flame with the pot stopped up. Boil for no less than two and a half hours. Serve with cheese and cinnamon onver it.That soup should be quite thick,
     In the same way you can make it with hulled barley, which needs to boil a lot more than the einkorn, although both of them do call for a long cooking. Both of them can be combined with cheese, eggs, pepper, cinnamon and saffron.

     I soaked the barley for a while but not nearly the 10 hrs, I changed the water twice I think. I boiled it in plain water for a bit then added in a fat lamb broth, cinnamon and pepper. Cooked until thick and served with cheese stirred in.

Next time I will follow closer to the recipe, but despite that it was tasty.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A post for Anna

GoED post mortem
Peascods in lent (GHwJ):
900 gm of figs is enough for ADD(80 people)
soaked with 1 cup wine and 1 cup water add a cup of water in the morning and boil.
used sultanens
 some dates min 100 gm
instead of deep frying try baking
3 pie crust recipes not enough for filling
roasted until falling apart! very lovely, rubbed in spiced for cameline meat bruet and then seared  doused in vinegar added a little water (could use apple juice) . Low temp oven (200f) for 7 hrs for just under 6kg of beef
Sop of onions (GHwJ):
Everyone really loved it, just onions cooked down in butter, never did add the water to it.
Barley( from Scappi):
soaked and rinsed but not nearly long enough or enough rinsing. Added a fat lamb broth, cinnamon, and pepper. Tasty, could use less cinnamon and more pepper. Any fat broth would be nice!
Elizabethan bisket bread :
strongly flavored, 20 gm anise seed and 20 gm coriander mix up in the measure, should have had less coriander, or more anise, depends on how you look at it.  1/3 batch about 8-10 waffles 1/4 waffle is fine per person. "Flavor is intense" needs lots of butter when cooking, Need to double check measures and proportions.
Goose (Scappi):
The meat was tasty, moist and tender, cooked until the bird was falling apart. Boiled in salt water. Left no salty taste, lovely way to cook a goose and have it be non greasy.
Boiled in the goose broth, a little too salty. Next time thin the broth with water or another non salty broth.
Egg pie (GHwJ):
made triple the crust at the same time, 1 cup flour to 1/3 cup fat(butter) used 8 eggs and 6Tbsp rosewater
The pie itself had 12 eggs per with 3 Tbsp of rosewater and 3 Tbsp sugar.
Over cooked, but getting there in terms of flavor. next time, less sugar and a little more rose. I think 4T and 2T
Herb fritters:
simple, take any amount of flour and add herbs until mingled in a savory amount, add yeast and warm water then set aside. the longer this sits the better the flavor I have discovered. There are no real amounts or proportions it is very much an eyeball and taste sort of thing. I used herbs of provence (blend) added dill, salt pepper and parsley.
these were again wonderful especially with the dark honey!
Spinach fritters (GHwJ):
2700 gm chopped spinach
I think 4 eggs
I sprinkled in dry bread crumbs until I got a texture that was stable and would hold together
I used a generic tea spoon to measure and used 5-6 or cinnamon and the same amount of ginger I used 1/2 as much mace and sprinkled in some black pepper and salt.
It is a basic beer batter for them to be fried in, like a pancake batter with beer and flour only.
This is the begining of my "notes to self" about th emenu for GoED
*The Good Housewifes Jewel
Missed a day on my challenge but am still doing ok I think :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sharing the fun

A more mundane post but what the heck :)

This last weekend I spent the bulk of my time in the kitchen with 3 wonderful people! Shelly, Angela and Mark. Two of these people ( Shelly and Mark) I will be taking in under my wing and they will be my cooking students! Nothing formal but I will be having them assist me from begining to and on the feast and food for the Turmstadt "Arts in April" event.

This is cool and hard at the same time! I am used to doing it all myself, but this will be cool!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More GoED food

As mentioned before I was unhappy with the egg pie, I felt it was over cooked and needed more flavor. I may try and reduce the sugar and that may help also enhance the rose flavor.

The second food I was disappointed in was my Tart de Bry, It came out with a stranger texture than usual. Oh I know how that happened. Too high of heat, made the pie fluffier than usual. I enjoy it more when it has a denser texture than the light texture it had. It was closer to quiche or soufle' then what I am used to. The taste though was still delicious.

I was quite happy with the rest of the foods, when I first made the ginger bread I was worried that it had not turned out "right" but as it set the texture improved quite well.

Timing: I was unhappy with the timing this weekend, though it was not because my food was not ready, it was more that the hall was not ready. Without a hall steward it was difficult to keep time, I was "behind" on Sunday morning by 1/2 an hour but again, foods were done and could have been sered but the hall was not ready and I did not have the information I  needed to plate the foods. Once I had that info the food began to flow out of the kitchen in a relatively steady stream. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Garden of Earthly Delights: food

As far as events go I always like this one, I wish I could spend more time talking with people but I love cooking too. I got to do a lot of both this weekend too! I had some very cool and very interested kitchen helpers!

Saturday lunch:
     Turkey salami  
     Spicy beef salami
     Turkey breast
     Hard boiled eggs
     Sliced Bread
     Cheese Pie (with sour cheery and black currant jam on the side)

Saturday supper:
    Roast beef
    Sop of onions
    Peas with walnuts
    Cucumber salad
    Elizabethan gingerbread
    Baked pears with cinnamon and sugar

Sunday Feast:
     Rice boiled in goose broth
     Carrots and Parsnips
     Spinach fritters
     Herb Fritters with honey
     Egg pie

     Peascods in lent
     Elizabethan biscut bread (done as waffles)

I was happy with most of the food. The dish that disappointed me was the egg pie, though I have been working on it. In this version I upped the rosewater but it still did not have the flavor I was looking for, seems it will have to be even more. I am happy with the crust though :) I did in my opinion over cook these pies and maybe that contributed to the lessening of the flavor.

I had been sick for the week leading up to it and still not at 100 percent. Sunday I crashed and my Mistress and Shelly (one of the fabulous kitchen helpers) finished the desserts for feast.

Everyone was full and seemed to enjoy everything so I would say success.