Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It is officially a menu! (edited)

I have been prepping for Known World Dance Symposium and have now completed the menu.

          A pie of colworts
          Green Salad
          Chicken crowned with eggs
          Tarts of eggs
          Mushrooms and leeks
          Pears in confection

          Meat Pasties
          Mushroom pie
          Another compost
          Green salad

          Douce Anne (chicken with milk and honey)
          Lasagne layered with cheese
          Perry of pesoun
          Cherry pottage

          Assorted cold roasted meats
          Tart de bry
          Green salad

          1st course:
               Stuffed leg of mutton  (Vegetarian substitution, Layered omelets)
               Fried common squash
          2nd course:
               Breseola                       (Vegetarian substitution, Gilded bread fried in butter)
               Thick soup of asparagus in meat broth (Vegetarian version available)

          3rd course:
               Goose with rice or noodles ( Vegetarian option, Genovese onion gattafura)
               Stuffed kohlrabi
          4th course:
               Milk pies

This menu does not contain the "side items" that will be served at coffee time and on the sideboard, something has to be a surprise :)