Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Long time no see...

Normally I don't make personal posts... I have.. at times... and this is one of them. I will be back to the grindstone after having taken a much needed break to get some personal matters taken care of. This doesn't mean I have been doing nothing... just nothing I have been posting about. I have been refining some of my old recipes and reading, lots of reading; I will get back to practical work shortly though.

What is behind is behind and what is ahead is cooking for 2 events :)

First will be a small event that my shire hosts Arts in April. Limited to 40 people due to the size of the site it is a single trach arts and sciences focused event. Teachers come and teach on various topics. There is enough space to either attend the class or hang out and talk about other things elsewhere in the small building. Small and intimate and lovely, despite great interest in the event we have no desire to change it's format or location. We feel part of its appeal is the small nature and intimate of the event.

Second is food for Summer Coronation. Feast is capped at 80 people (in the hall). I have far too many ideas at this time but may list them in a further post to get them out in the open to start fiddling with them as more complete ideas.

Also ahead is desire. I have the desire to cook and present in 2 fashions. One is to host an all day grand feast, complete with entertainment and such between courses, or at least be able to devote a good 4-6 hours to such a structure. The other is to hold a gourmet feast. Local foods as organic as I can get them. This would likely be a small affair of maybe 20 or so people and would be more expensive than your average event. Someday I will get to these things, in the mean time I will dream :)

It will be good to be back in the kitchen and moving around. I look forward to telling you of my findings and adventures... until then...