Monday, December 3, 2012

Garden of Earthly Delights: food

As far as events go I always like this one, I wish I could spend more time talking with people but I love cooking too. I got to do a lot of both this weekend too! I had some very cool and very interested kitchen helpers!

Saturday lunch:
     Turkey salami  
     Spicy beef salami
     Turkey breast
     Hard boiled eggs
     Sliced Bread
     Cheese Pie (with sour cheery and black currant jam on the side)

Saturday supper:
    Roast beef
    Sop of onions
    Peas with walnuts
    Cucumber salad
    Elizabethan gingerbread
    Baked pears with cinnamon and sugar

Sunday Feast:
     Rice boiled in goose broth
     Carrots and Parsnips
     Spinach fritters
     Herb Fritters with honey
     Egg pie

     Peascods in lent
     Elizabethan biscut bread (done as waffles)

I was happy with most of the food. The dish that disappointed me was the egg pie, though I have been working on it. In this version I upped the rosewater but it still did not have the flavor I was looking for, seems it will have to be even more. I am happy with the crust though :) I did in my opinion over cook these pies and maybe that contributed to the lessening of the flavor.

I had been sick for the week leading up to it and still not at 100 percent. Sunday I crashed and my Mistress and Shelly (one of the fabulous kitchen helpers) finished the desserts for feast.

Everyone was full and seemed to enjoy everything so I would say success.


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