Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More GoED food

As mentioned before I was unhappy with the egg pie, I felt it was over cooked and needed more flavor. I may try and reduce the sugar and that may help also enhance the rose flavor.

The second food I was disappointed in was my Tart de Bry, It came out with a stranger texture than usual. Oh I know how that happened. Too high of heat, made the pie fluffier than usual. I enjoy it more when it has a denser texture than the light texture it had. It was closer to quiche or soufle' then what I am used to. The taste though was still delicious.

I was quite happy with the rest of the foods, when I first made the ginger bread I was worried that it had not turned out "right" but as it set the texture improved quite well.

Timing: I was unhappy with the timing this weekend, though it was not because my food was not ready, it was more that the hall was not ready. Without a hall steward it was difficult to keep time, I was "behind" on Sunday morning by 1/2 an hour but again, foods were done and could have been sered but the hall was not ready and I did not have the information I  needed to plate the foods. Once I had that info the food began to flow out of the kitchen in a relatively steady stream. :)

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