Friday, December 7, 2012

A post for Anna

GoED post mortem
Peascods in lent (GHwJ):
900 gm of figs is enough for ADD(80 people)
soaked with 1 cup wine and 1 cup water add a cup of water in the morning and boil.
used sultanens
 some dates min 100 gm
instead of deep frying try baking
3 pie crust recipes not enough for filling
roasted until falling apart! very lovely, rubbed in spiced for cameline meat bruet and then seared  doused in vinegar added a little water (could use apple juice) . Low temp oven (200f) for 7 hrs for just under 6kg of beef
Sop of onions (GHwJ):
Everyone really loved it, just onions cooked down in butter, never did add the water to it.
Barley( from Scappi):
soaked and rinsed but not nearly long enough or enough rinsing. Added a fat lamb broth, cinnamon, and pepper. Tasty, could use less cinnamon and more pepper. Any fat broth would be nice!
Elizabethan bisket bread :
strongly flavored, 20 gm anise seed and 20 gm coriander mix up in the measure, should have had less coriander, or more anise, depends on how you look at it.  1/3 batch about 8-10 waffles 1/4 waffle is fine per person. "Flavor is intense" needs lots of butter when cooking, Need to double check measures and proportions.
Goose (Scappi):
The meat was tasty, moist and tender, cooked until the bird was falling apart. Boiled in salt water. Left no salty taste, lovely way to cook a goose and have it be non greasy.
Boiled in the goose broth, a little too salty. Next time thin the broth with water or another non salty broth.
Egg pie (GHwJ):
made triple the crust at the same time, 1 cup flour to 1/3 cup fat(butter) used 8 eggs and 6Tbsp rosewater
The pie itself had 12 eggs per with 3 Tbsp of rosewater and 3 Tbsp sugar.
Over cooked, but getting there in terms of flavor. next time, less sugar and a little more rose. I think 4T and 2T
Herb fritters:
simple, take any amount of flour and add herbs until mingled in a savory amount, add yeast and warm water then set aside. the longer this sits the better the flavor I have discovered. There are no real amounts or proportions it is very much an eyeball and taste sort of thing. I used herbs of provence (blend) added dill, salt pepper and parsley.
these were again wonderful especially with the dark honey!
Spinach fritters (GHwJ):
2700 gm chopped spinach
I think 4 eggs
I sprinkled in dry bread crumbs until I got a texture that was stable and would hold together
I used a generic tea spoon to measure and used 5-6 or cinnamon and the same amount of ginger I used 1/2 as much mace and sprinkled in some black pepper and salt.
It is a basic beer batter for them to be fried in, like a pancake batter with beer and flour only.
This is the begining of my "notes to self" about th emenu for GoED
*The Good Housewifes Jewel
Missed a day on my challenge but am still doing ok I think :)

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