Sunday, December 9, 2012

Page 233 rec# 185 To prepare a thick soup of einkorn ot hulled barley

      Einkorn is a much larger grain than that from which bread is made; in Lombardy a lot of it is found and used for making tourtes and flans, as I say in the book on pastry in the appropriate recipes. Cull through it, then, and clean it or dust and set it to soak in warm water for ten hours, occasionally changing the water. Set it to cook in a fat meat broth in a tinned copper or earthenware pot, adding to it yellow saveloy or ordinary sausage or else a piece of salt pork marrow to flavor it. Then add cinnamon and saffron, cooking it on the coals away from the flame with the pot stopped up. Boil for no less than two and a half hours. Serve with cheese and cinnamon onver it.That soup should be quite thick,
     In the same way you can make it with hulled barley, which needs to boil a lot more than the einkorn, although both of them do call for a long cooking. Both of them can be combined with cheese, eggs, pepper, cinnamon and saffron.

     I soaked the barley for a while but not nearly the 10 hrs, I changed the water twice I think. I boiled it in plain water for a bit then added in a fat lamb broth, cinnamon and pepper. Cooked until thick and served with cheese stirred in.

Next time I will follow closer to the recipe, but despite that it was tasty.

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  1. Wow, that sounds totally yummy. One thing I'm really looking forward to about living in Germany is easy access to barley.