Monday, November 21, 2011

Page266-267 Rec# 257 To prepare a garlic sauce with fresh walnuts and almonds

Get six ounces of fresh walnuts, four ounces of fresh Milanese almonds and six parboiled garlic cloves or one and a half raw ones. Grind that in a mortar with four ounces of crustless bread soaked in a meat or fish broth that is not too salty. when it is done, put a quarter-ounce of ground ginger into it. The sauce being well ground, there is no need to strain it but only to moisten it with one of those broths. If the nuts are dry set them to soak in cold water until they have softened and can be shelled. Into that sauce you can grind a little turnip or kohlrabi that has been well cooked- in a meat broth if it is a meat day.

What I did for my first experiment was to first substitute pine nuts for the almonds. Second I opted for fresh garlic as well as fresh ginger. Third I soaked the bread in beef bouillon.

Results: In my opinion not bad. It is meant to be eaten on fowl as well as with the kohlrabi. It can also be used on pasta. This in some ways is probably the forerunner for pesto.

Sauce is a success!!!!! Wonderful!!!!! Everyone here enjoyed it and it indeed will work well with fowl or pasta as well.

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