Monday, November 28, 2011

Page 364 rec #242 Another way to cook a bulb of kohlrabi. (the promised reipe)

For those just joining me I am using a translated copy of "The Opera of Batolomeo Scappi(1570)" and in my previous post about Garlic sauce I promised a recipe that uses it, so here it is.

Get the bulb, peel it, cut it into slices and put it into a boiling broth composed of water, salt, oil, pepper and saffron. Cook it vigorously rather than slowly. When it is done throw in  a handful of fine herbs and a garlic sauce made with walnutsand breadcrumb, and the kohlrabi bulb all together and moistened with that same broth. When ithas all come to a boil serve it with pepper over top. You can prepare artichoke hearts, cardoon stems, cole and yellow rape teh same way.

What I did was to peel the kohlrabi and slice it, as an experiment i set it aside for most of the day in cool water, then I boiled it in the said broth and when it was done i drained it reserving some of the liquid. I tossed the kohlrabi with the garlic sauce and moistened it some with the broth that I had reserved. The results were marvelous! Those that were test eating all enjoyed it. The only thing my husband had to "complain" about was that the kohlrabi was still firm and not boiled to near mush as it had been served to him in the past, but he still liked it.

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