Monday, July 11, 2016

A story, Isabella of York

Prior to coronation I met with a friend, she happened to be the event steward as well. We started talking as we sometimes do about the SCA as a whole. Our experiences and other random things. This day we touched on a the subject of influences. People who made statements and influenced us along the way, either immediately or later on in our "career" paths. So I will relate my story, don't worry it is short.

I had been in the SCA at least 5 years, I am not sure how long or when this was but I was at an event and had the chance to speak with a laurel about her beautiful garb. She wore exquisite Elizabethan. The event I was at was Pennisc a 2 week camping event where the mud and dust can and will stain your clothes. I asked her about her garb, was she not worried about ruining it under such conditions. I had seen her in fine silks, rich velvets and stunning but expensive brocades all week long. Her answer was simple but stuck with me and in recent years has filtered into my own SCA life. Her answer was, "Do you think they worried about such things? These are clothing, not costumes."  It took years for me to truly understand. It took until I found a style that i feel is clothing for me and not a costume i put on and now I wear silk to cook in a kitchen for 40+ people at a time.

Thank you Isabella of York, this small conversation. This small bit of time and advice given to me has changed me. You may not ever remember this, but I do and will be in your debt until I have changed someone the way yo have changed me.

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