Monday, July 4, 2016

A menu for a Coronation

as mentioned this last weekend I did some cooking. It was a coronation feast to celebrate the up stepping of our new King and Queen, Morales and Agnes.

Shortly after they were secured as the heirs to the black dragon throne I reached out to speak with them (via her Highness) as to what their wishes, wants and restrictions might be when it comes to the food for their big day. I was given some rough guidelines and ran with it from there.

I started with a list of nearly 100 dishes planning for hot weather or cold weather and trying to plan seasonal things in there as well. The weather leading up to the event delayed the ability to acquire more of a requested item... Mushrooms, but I did manage one mushroom dish. As well as squash (zucchini).  I aimed for plenty of meat and so there were two main meats and the vegetable dishes also contained meat or meat broth. Of my 8 items on the menu, one, did not have meat or meat broth in it. No worries, my vegetarians were covered by dishes created just for them.

So follows the final menu, all recipes from The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570)

Eggs in Garlic sauce
Veal in Pastry
A sop of Mushrooms
A sop of Peas
Chicken ( various ways to saute chicken)
Pasta (done as lasagne with cheese and cinnamon sugar)
A sop of fresh squash
Crema (milk pies)

The food was well received, I got good feedback on it and what was returned to the kitchen was not large quantities. I did notice and speak with a few people that next time I have 3 dishes that have meat, not to mix the meats but do a single meat for each dish. Something I thought about but only after I had begin the meat mix and match :)

The two big hit items seem to have been the Eggs at the start and the Crema for dessert,

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