Monday, October 7, 2013

Libra di Cuccina- Onion tart

CII Scallion or Onion tart

If you want to make a tart of these things, take whichever you want and boil it well.  Take it out of the water and squeeze out all the water in sieve and then chop them finely.  Take fine lard and chop/grind it well, eggs, fresh cheese, and saffron and mix all these things together and make the tart.

4 onions whole
2 scallions whole
water to boil
1- 1/2 c fresh cheese (fresh cheese and marscapone mix is what I used)
2 egg whites
2 whole eggs
4 Tbsp lard

The onions have their ends cut off and are peeled, then boiles with the trimmed scalions until tender.
Drain the onions and cool them, then chop with the scallions, mix into the cheese and add eggs.
Chop the lard into small pieces and mix well into the "batter"
Pour into an ungreased ceramic pan
Bake at 350f - 180c oven until set

     I used left over mixture from the white tortellini to mix with the eggs as well as left over egg white from another recipe as well in order to make out test pie. We had no trouble with sticking and was baked until set like a custard. It needed to be spooned out of the pan as it was a bit soft, but still held shape. Tasted wonderful andf very comparable to the filling of Scappi's Genovese tart. It may be the begining of where his recipe comes from. A touch more salt would not hurt but for my taste the salt was ok. You could also salt the water in which you boil the onion / scallions. Leeks would be milder but would also lend themselves well to this recipe.


  1. Oh, yum! We might have to try this on a day when we don't have enough time/energy to make a crust.

    How long did it bake, roughly?

  2. We baked it for about an hour. Really it just need to be cooked until it is set and could be anywhere from 1/2 hr to an hour depending on your oven. It was golden brown on top and just lovely!