Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rice fritters

Page 498 rec#142 To prepare rice fritters

     Cook two pounds of rice in a fat meat brothor else in goat's or cow's milk and sugar so that it is quite thick. Take it out of the pot and let it cool. In a mortar grind four ounces of sugar and eight fresh eggs with one pound of creamy cheese. Make balls of that mixtur; dredge them in fine flour, then fry them in rendered fat. When they are done, serve them hot with sugar on them.

     What I did:
1 c milch reis (this is  ashort grain rice found in Germany specifically for making rice porridge and the like)
3 cups milk 3.8% (whole milk)
3 Tbsp Sugar
pinch of salt

Cook the rice in the milk with the sugar (no not add salt) for 45 min uncovered
add the salt (and yes I mean a pinch you don't want or need too much)
cook 15 more minutes uncovered
Take the pot off the heat and cover it
let it sit for 1/2 hr or over night

If you are making this immediately and not in advance spread the rice out on a cookie sheet or something to cool faster. Otherwise after you put the lid on set it aside to cool.

when it is cooled:
1-2 eggs
4 oz of creamy cheese (I used a Philidelphia type cheese)
1 oz of powdered sugar.

make balls of the "dough:, roll them in flour and fry until a deep golden brown.
Makes about 50 (a little over the size of a hard boiled egg yolk)

     This recipe has been well recieved by everyone I talked to about it. My husband thought they were apple fritters and couldn't stop eating them hot or cold! Eric who was in my kitchen at ADD (omg thank you!!! I love having you there) He ate some with Nutella on them not exactly period but awesomely deliscious none the less. I am happy with this and look forward to maybe trying it with meat broth and different types of rice :)


  1. These sound like they'd be awesome breakfast food.

  2. Ahah! The nutella fritters were NOT a lie! They were delicious, I saw people nearly coming to blows over who got to eat the last one for their table. Certainly a success.