Wednesday, March 20, 2013

page 243 recipe#210

To prepare a thick soup of garlic in meat broth with other ingredients
     When cloves of garlic are clean there should be as many cloves as from fifty bulbs. Parboil them, changing the water often so they lose their strength, and finish cooking them in a good meat broth that is not too salty, along with slices of pork jowl and desalted sawbelly. Just before you want to serve iy, throw in a handfull of herbs. If there is no salted meat in it, you can blend in cheese and eggs, nat failing to put the spices in the one and the other. With them you can garnish and cook doves, cockrels and other fowl, serving them with grated cheese and cinnamon over the top.

I tried this at home in a smaller quantity.
1st try
     Cloves from 5 heads of garlic, cleaned
     2c Meat broth (I used lamb for this one)
     2c Water
     2-4 Eggs (i think I used 2)
     3/4 - 1 cup fine grated Parmesan cheese
     Pepper to taste

bring garlic to a boil and drain 3 times!
Put garlic in the broth/water and set aside to simmer
beat eggs in a bowl
add hot broth to eggs slowly to wrm them before pouring them into the pot
add the cheese
cook for 15 min

serve with toast

Changes for ADD:
I used 50 heads of garlic this served the 70 - 80 people exact! they scraped the pot to serve the last one.
20 cups of broth and 20 cups of water
1 kg of parmesan cheese finely grated
30 eggs (I think, I might have used 40 but not 100% sure)
Did all the pre boiling the night before, stored the garlic dry overnight in the cooler.
Next day noon time added the garlic to the water/broth
Broth was made of beef and lamb

This was distinctly more successful!

More Notes:
     Tried this on a small scale as a vegetarian dish. Does not work! or at least I have yet to be happy with the results. There is no richness to it and it just doesn't taste right.

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