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Recipe 11 Salted Beets

Koge Bog, 1616 Salomone Sartorio, Denmark, PDF from

XXVII. To salt beetroot.

First put in a still two bricks on the edge, thereon put some pieces of wood and then pour water in, but not close to the wood. On these same pieces of wood the beets are put and hten the helmet is put on. Put it under a good fire so that the beets can cook in the steam, but not too soft. When they are cooked, cleaned and cold they are cut into thin slices. Put in small pieces (like chopped lard) of horse radish, and of aforementioned cut beets first a layer is put into a new glazed pot: thereon sprinkle of the same horseradish, danish cumin, small crushed pepper and a little salt: then another layer of beets, and another of the aforementioned herbs is sprinkled over. Then you pour over a good Alegar, or half Alegar and half wine vinegar, as much as covers the beets. Then put a lid on wiht a good weight, and tie over a clean cloth and put it in a comfortable place. A few days after they can be used, but don’t touch it with bare fingers.

XXIIX. Lutendranck at berede.

Disse effterskreffne Species skulle stødis groffue oc formengis.

R. Cardemomme -------- 5. Lod

Ingefer -----------------------3.
Quintin Canel ------------ 4. Lod
Muskater ------------------ 3. Quintin
Paradisskorn ------------ 1. Lod

Naar mand vil giøre to Støbicken eller otte Potter vijn til Lutendranck/da skal først sættis en Messing Pande paa Ilden/met to Pund sucker/oc aff fornæffnde Vijn to Potter der paa slaget. Lad samme Vijn met Suckeret bekomme en opsød. Naar Vijnen oc Suckeret nu siuder/da giff 8. Lod aff forne støtte Species der vdi/strax tagendis det fra Ilden/igiennem en Lutendrancks Pose slaget/der paa giff de andre 6. Potter Vijn kolde/oc lad en gang 3. eller 4. lecke igiennem samme Pose/indtil den bliffuer klar/saa er hand beridt. Giffuer du en Skeefuld sød Melck/eller det huide aff et Eg der vdi/saa bliffuer den strax klar. Vilt du giøre det nogit ringere. R. Aff forbemelte støtte oc sammenmengde Vrter 5. Lod. Sucker 1 1/2 Pund/Der met handlis/lige som forskreffuit staar. Anderledis/oc ringere.
Canelbarck --------5. Lod.

Cardemom --------2. Lod.
Sucker ------------ 1. Pund.

To salt Beetroot

2 kg Beets  (raw) or 1.5 kg (cooked and peeled)

300 gm Horseradish whole roots

2 Tablespoon Cumin

4 Tablespoon Peppercorns


1 liter Malt vinegar ( or use 2 liters and forget wine vinegar)

1liter Wine vinegar

Steam and clean the beets


Cut small pieces of Horseradish layer in bottom of non reactive ( non metal ) container

Sprinkle cumin, pepper and a little salt

Repeat in layers

Pour malt vinegar or vinegar mix over top to cover

Set aside for a few days before serving

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