Thursday, July 19, 2018

Recipe 8: rice casserole

Libre del Coach, 1529 Ruperto de Nola, Spain, Translation by Lady Brighid ni Chiarain
Found on Stefan’s Florilegium. Florilegium. Org, Guisados1-art - 1/13/09
Original: recipe Nr. 58

Clean the rice well of stones and filth, and wash it with two or three [changes of] cold water and then with hot water.  And after it is well-washed, set it to dry on a wooden chopping block in the sun or by the heat of the fire. And when it is dry, clean it again in such a manner that it is very clean; then take a very clean casserole and cast in good meat broth which is fatty, and set it to boil on the fire; and when it begins to boil, put in two or three threads of saffron so that the broth becomes quite yellow.  And when the broth is quite yellow, cast in the rice bit by bit, stirring it with a stick or with a large spoon; and when the rice is in the casserole cast in whatever quantity of broth that seems necessary to you to so that it cooks no more. and taste it to see that it is well-salted and fatty; and put it to cook in the oven; and a little before it finishes cooking, remove it from the oven and cast some whole fresh egg yolks over the rice.  And then return the casserole to the oven to finish cooking; and it is cooked when you see that the rice has made a good crust on top; and then prepare dishes, and in each one put one or two of the egg yolks which were upon the rice; and if by chance the oven was not prepared, put the casserole on a coal fire and put an iron lid full of coals on it; and in this manner it will come out of there as if it had been cooked in the oven, and perhaps better because it remains nearer for sampling, and this is good rice.
My redaction (without saffron due to allergy)
500 ml fatty meat broth
200 gm long grain rice
60 gm butter
4 eggs yolks

Cook rice in broth until almost done, approximately 50 min
Butter a casserole dish.
Melted the rest of the butter in a separate bowl
Pour rice into the casserole dish
Top with melted butter
Place egg yolks on top
Bake about 10 – 15 min at 200c until the top of the rice is crisp.

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