Saturday, January 17, 2015

Duck, duck, goose!

A friend of mine posted a link on her facebook wall to a lovely article on making duck ham. The article can be found here . I found this idea, intriguing and began to investigate some and found that it is a tried and trusted way of making Prosciutto which people mostly think of as a pork ham but the word is actually for the process not the type of meat.

Searching the sales papers I found a great sale and went to get some duck. After I got home though I discovered that I had bought goose. Not deterred I searched and found that goose ham is really a thing! So off we went to make some.

Today we pulled it out of the basement to try it :)

Texture is fine, a good "ham", flavor was good though as noted by others who have tried it it was salty. I attribute this to the quick rinse we used to get the salt off and not a thorough cleaning as it probably should have gotten. I suppose that done again I might use less salt and more herbs in order to try and combat the overly salty taste.

Another experiment is we are trying is that they are "dry enough" as they are now and to leave them until we need them wold turn them to leather, so we have packaged them up and placed them in the freezer to try in a few weeks. I will try to remember to update when we do that what the results are.

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  1. Hurrah! I'm loving reading about everyone's results.