Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mustard take 1

XLII Mustard and good mustard
If you want to make mustard, take the hot fat which has fallen from a roasted capon or other meat.  Take mustard seeds and grind them well, when they are well (finely) ground put them to soak in well boiled water.  Then take vin cotto* and mix everything (including the fat) and let it boil a little together, etc.
For another way to make a delicate mustard.  Take split (chopped) mustard seeds and wash them well with boiling water and temper (mix) them with vin cotto and add sugar, and powder with (ground) cloves, etc.

* Vin cotto – this reduced grape must syrup can be found in speciality gourmet stores, sold as mosto cotto, saba or cooked wine.  It has a sweet, tangy grape flavor.
*This translation is not my own

Experiment part 1

We ground by hand 37 grams of mustard seed
Added that to 1c of boiling water
1/2 c vin cotto^
2Tbsp chicken fat^

^I started with 2 ltr of 100% grape juice, no sugar added, reduce on a low simmer to 1 1/2 c
^ I roasted legs lightly covered in olive oil with salt and pepper on a broiler pan to catch the fat. The fat was put in the fridge over night to separate it from the Fond (the part that jellies). Use the fat only none of the jelly

Placed on a low simmer to reduce down.

Added 16gm more of lightly crushed seed to the mix.

After the addition the mustard began to thicken up. A finer grind of the seed would create a smoother texture. The taste is nice and comparable to a good German sweet mustard.

Taste is nice, texture is grainy.

The second simmer took between 1.5 - 2 hours.

Next investigations should include a mix of pre-ground mustard, hand ground and whole kernel. Another thing to try will be the addition of spices (cloves, pepper, ginger cinnamon etc...)

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