Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random acts of redaction

So today was A&S and despite only being Elizabeth and myself we had a good time. I picked her up early to talk about Arts in April as well as her studentship with me. We are working on details but the long and short is I will be teaching her all I know and have learned in my cooking experiences, in and out of the SCA. This of course lead to looking through cookbooks and a random redaction.

For Tarts of Cream, The Good Housewifes Jewel, Thomas Dawson page 74
     Take a pint of cream with six raw eggs, and boil them together, Stir well that it burn not and let it boil till it be thick. Then take it out of the pot and put to two dishes of butter, melted. When it is somewhat cold, then strain it and season it with sugar. Then put it into your paste. When your paste is hardened, and when it is enough, then serve it with sugar cast upon it. If you will have a tart of two colours, then take half of it, when it is in cream, and clour the other half with sffron or yolks of eggs.

what we did:
     200 ml cream
     3 large eggs

Boil until thick while stirring put it in a bowl stir in 1.5 - 2 Tbsp melted butter

We added the sugar 1 heaping Tbsp at this point

cooled to room/body temp

strained the mixture through a fine sieve into the paste

cook until the paste is hard (we took it out a little too early at about 30 min)

serve covered with sugar

It was a nice egg custard, Shelly thinks we should put more sugar into it, I think it was ok as is. We tried it too by sprinling cinnamon sugar on it as well as ginger, the first was alright but the ginger gave it an awesome kick that was great! It held it's shape well.

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