Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doublewars, 3 days of cooking over a fire

Ok so DW is a 10 daqy evenet and I cooked more than just the 3 days but .. 3 days of planned period meals cooking in priod pots. Nothing fancy mind you. The first day was chicken with milk and honey, rice, carrots and salad. The second was boiled meat puddings, barley and parsnips, and salad. The third day was sausages with apples and onions, bread dumpling and salad.

Salad consisted of mixed greens and spinach dressed with vinegar, oil and a few dry herbs.

All the food came out tasty!

My new pots are AWESOME!!!!! They are replicas built from a find in Bad Windsheim and are glazed on the inside only. They cooked very well and made me happy!

I did do some period recipes on a fourth day for a competition, I made cheese fritters, cameline meat bruet and elizabethan gingerbread. Of all this food I manage to only get 1 picture and that was of the gingerbread!


  1. I don't think your drive is as long as ours is, but it is still substantial. I am curious: How much of the supplies did you bring with you, and what did you shop for locally once you arrived?

  2. Sorry my response has taken so long! Life is Crazy!

    Our drive is 5.5 hrs to the ferry, 7 hrs on the ferry and 1.5 hrs to site so in all a 14 hr trip.

    We always bring all meat with us frozen in a cooler.

    Salad, and most vegetables I buy while I am there at local grocery stores. I did bring Kohlrabi with me because I was unsure if I would be able to find any there, (I never did get to cook it).

    As far as my grains went I brought with me only my barley (as I was unsure for the Swedish word and availablility) and I purchased my rice there. Breads were bought local as well.

  3. Replies
    1. We have a local potter who made them for us, even firing them at a period correct temerature and everything! I tried them both soaked and unsoaked and they were great! We will be ordering more if you are interested, They are about 25 euro each.