Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book 2 recipe # 156 To prepare a rice dish in the Lombard style. pg 219-220

     Get rice which is cleaned in as above and cook it in a broth that has cooked capons, geese and saveloy. When it is done such that it is firm, take a portion of it and put it on an earthenware, silver or pewter platter. Sprinkle it with cheese, sugar and cinnamon, and on the rice put a few dollops of fresh butter and capon breast and goose breast along with finely chopped saveloy. Then sprinkle on cheese, sugar, and cinnamon. repeat, building up three layers of it. On the topmost pour melted fresh butter, and sprinkle on the same mixture. Put it into an oven that is not too hot, leaving it there for half an hour until it browns a little. splash rosewater over it and serve it hot.
     You can do that rice another way. When it is cooked, grease the platter with butter and on that put slices of fresh unsalted provatura sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and grated cheese, and on that put rice. On the rice put raw freash egg yolks, the number of them depending on the ammount of rice there is, having first made hollows in the rice in which you set the yolks. Over those yolks again put the same ammount of sliced provatura sprinkled as before with sugar, cheese and cinnamon. Then cover that with as much again of rice. In that way you can make up two or three layers. On the last put a little bit of butter. Set it on hot coals or in the oven as before. Serve it hot.

This is the translation from the book I am using. Not speaking Italian I have not translated the recipe myself. Though if I can find an Italian speaker I may try to do so.

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