Saturday, January 14, 2023

What the year will bring

 I have a chunk of the year mapped out and a strict 


Schedule as it is:

February: Scriptorium (cooking)

March: Arts in April (attending)

            Spring Crown Tournament (autocrat)

April: Flaming Arrow (small chance to attend but on my list anyway)

May: Doublewars (Still lots of logistics to work out)

June: Strawberry Raid (attending and camp cooking, really want to get there)

          30th Year Celebration and Coronation ( attending and some stuff to organize)

Now, where I am at with all of these things. 

Food for scriptorium is planned, nothing left there

Crown.... This one is complicated. We are still missing event staff, will try to scare up what we need but the monkey in the program, I need a feast cook!!!! I had one but due to circumstances beyond his control can not attend. So, plan B..... nope plan B did not pan out, On to plan C!!!! This is in process and fingers crossed!

Flaming arrow would be a birthday trip for me. I'd love to go. It has been forever since I did any archery

Doublewars: Time to look at logistics and money, ugh!!

Strawberry Raid: Halfway there.... but again, logistics and money

30 year: I need to ask some questions, pay some money, figure it all out

so ya, There we have it...

Oh, 2 more things... Online university (end of this month) and in person university (cooking in November)

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