Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Neapolital Recipe Collection; pg 177


This recipe has been called many thing by those that have eaten it. Risotto, Delicious, Wonderful, and often called 'Mine' as they clutch the bowl and want to run away with it. Needless to say it has been a successful dish to make and serve.

Rice in the Italian style

Put fat and lean broth into a pot and boil it; then get cleaned rice that has been washed several times in warm water, put it in and boil it, giving it a couple of turns with a spoon so that it does not stick to the pot; then, when it is cooked, get eggs and grated cheese, and beat everything together, along with a little pepper; set it out in bowls.

Rice dish: feeds 4-6

1 c Rice ( I prefer short grained)

4 cups Water

3 tsp Beef bouillon

1 tsp Chicken bouillon

2 Tbsp butter

3-4 ounces Cheese, grated (Cheddar is salty, Gouda is creamy) I used provolone and cheddar

1 Egg, beaten

½ tsp Black pepper, fresh ground

Wash the rice

Bring the broth and butter to a boil

Add the rice

Boil about 25 minutes, until tender

Beat the egg

Quickly stir in the egg for 1 min 

Then stir in the cheese and pepper


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Processing CW: mental health!

 I am going to talk honestly here about my own mental health and feelings. 

Edit: I contemplated not posting this, But mental health is important

I am taking a moment to process some things in my life. I have come to a disturbing conclusion that I am not as young as I used to be, lol! How did that happen? Doing a 12+ hour day in a kitchen is just not possible for me anymore and it feels, wrong. I feel like this inability is letting people down and to a large degree letting myself down. I have always held myself to a higher standard and expectation than those around me. I would tell anyone else NOT to do it. Not even to try to do a full weekend (I know it is crazy to do it) but expect of myself that I can and should.

I live with several mental health diagnosis. They all suck and it boils down to an alphabet soup that I have just been learning to cope with. I choose not to seek medication unless absolutely necessary. That is a choice I make. I have been in therapy and learned many tools to deal with a good chunk of it. Once in a while though I find myself in a situation where the tools don't work, or where I am unaware that I need to be using certain tools. When this happens things can and will go... Sideways. I had an anxiety attack and upon evaluating the why I thought I knew. Then I was talking to someone else and the why became clear. Once the 'ping' went off in my brain I could see clearly and while this will definitely serve me for next time it does nothing to alleviate the feeling of 'broken' at the time. It is hard for me not to think of myself as broken and therefore, less, than those around me. I know we all have our individual struggles and I would never think of anyone else as less for them but somehow I am unable to apply that to me. I struggle with applying that same kindness, compassion and grace to myself. 

I struggle with imposter syndrome, with feelings like I am a burden to those around me, Feeling like a failure in many aspects of my life, I have time where I feel invisible and or overlooked because somehow, I am less. Less important, less noticeable, less worthy. If I go quiet, it is because I have fallen into one of these holes. Just give me time and I will get out, reaching out does not always help. At times it does, in other circumstances it will sink me further. If I am reaching out, grab me, as that is when I am usually in the deep end. If you can not grab me, be kind and possibly find someone who can. 

To those in my life that have rescued me, Thank you! I try to say it often but may miss it here and there.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Playing catch up

 OK, so it has been quiet, here at least. With events on an ever changing basis there hasn't been a lot to report on. I continue to read cookbooks and plan feasts. Currently I just finished the menu for Arts in April V to be held in April here in Germany. I will publish the menu once it is 100% final. I am still looking for a sweet for after dinner in case the current plan doesn't work out.

Breakfast planning is hard y'all. Usually it is simple but really, trying to look for something creative and a bit bulkier than what is standardly served here is proving to be odd, but I will get there! I have a pottage recipe with barley that I really like and quiche seems a great option as well. I will keep searching.

Coronation looms and it seems my plan to have someone take over Lunch or Feast is meeting with failure. It is not that I don't want to, or can't do it all but I was looking for an opportunity to showcase someone else's talents in the region. Guess we will wait and see what comes.

My negotiations go well with the person that will be my first apprentice. I look forward to 'sealing the deal'. It is definitely being met with joy and humor on all parts. 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thoughts on being a Peer #1

 I have been using the book that Estrid gave me to keep notes ever since it was given to me the night I got my writ. Some of those thoughts I will leave there but others I will put here as well as they may benefit other's. 

I have been giving a lot of though at to my 'style' what type of peer do I want to be and this is what came to me at that time.

I will speak up
I will speak honestly
I will speak truth
I will be gentle
I will be kind

These are what I will be looking towards.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Words of another sort

 Traditionally during the elevation ceremony there are people to speak for your elevation. Sometimes you get to pick them, sometimes you do not. Depends on a variety of things. Having a writ meant that I could pick who spoke for me. There was some confusion for a moment and a communication snafu that lead to my MoD being the king, but all in all, it was perfect.

There were 2 among my chosen who could not be there on the day and so words were sent and read via a representative. Of the 6 that spoke on my behalf I have the words of 4 of them and I will inscribe them here.  The other 2 spoke from the heart in the moment and so I can not add those. 

Laurel: Judith, speaks on the candidate's pursuit of beauty
    As I mentioned before she is one that spoke on the spot. We will always be joined and I am proud to have been her student. I will take what she has taught me and go forth and teach it.

Knight: Thorvaldr, speaks on the candidate's Honor and Loyalty
    Unable to be with us on the day his words were read to the assemble populace by William of Richwood

    Greetings unto their Majesties and the assembled nobles of Drachenwald from Sir  Thorvaldr. I would speak on the matter of the elevation to the Order of the Laurel of Baroness Magdelena Grace Vane.
    Please pardon the rambling nature of this missive but that is merely indicative of the nature of my relationship with Baroness Maggie. I have known Maggie since the beginning of my time within the SCA. She welcomed my children and myself in such an open manner that endeared her to us from the beginning. Oh, and how did that get accomplished? Well, through food naturally!
    Maggie's journey to this day has been a long and complicated one. Her time in the SCA has been spent in a variety of levels of play. Her circle of friends is vast and widespread which is a testament to her fun and welcoming nature. Cooking has always been at the center of her activities as long as I've known her. Of all the Arts and Sciences that are wrapped up under the label of Laurel, Cooking must be one of the most difficult to gain recognition in. It is not a very mobile art form and in a vast Kingdom such as Drachenwald it can be many years between one encounter of her cooking talent and knowledge to the next unless you live near her.
    I have had the pleasure of having many such meals prepared with Maggie and spent countless hours at her home taste testing or discussing the various permutations of recipes. Much to my waistline's demise I might add. As a Knight we are often asked about prowess and I have always said that it is the prowess that determines the gateway to any Peerage. Maggie has had prowess in the kitchen for a long time but as I said, it takes time for cooking talent to get recognized.
    What about the rest of the qualifications of Peerage? I have seen Maggie grow immeasurably over the years. Her kind heart, her giving nature have always been there. Courtesy aplomb forged during her time as Baroness of Knights Crossing and has done nothing but flourish over time. Her service to the Canton of Turmstadt and assistance at all the events over the years has always been there and welcome.
    Suffice to say, your Majesties to me Baroness Magdelena Grace Vane has been and indeed  is My Peer!
    Written nd signed under my hand this 6th day of October AS56

Sir Thorvaldr 8th Duke of Drachenwald

Order of Defence: Aerikr (King), speaks on the candidates Courage and Camaraderie 
    As before, this was from the heart in the moment. He removed his crown and spoke, as my friend.

Pelican: Duncan, speaks on the candidates Humility and Generosity
    Maggie's skill as a cook and her passion for passing on her knowledge is beyond doubt. But I speak for the order of service and the virtues embodied by my order.
    During the 14th century, the Duke of Burgundy listed these among the virtues to be prized:

Valour is the willingness to undertake complex, tedious, and unglamorous tasks far rom the spotlight. Maggie does the job because it needs to be done instead of for the glory,. While willing to shoulder the burden of being responsible, Maggie also lets others lead and shine.
    Liberality, to give or create freely, is one of the most important skills for any peer. This is shown in every abundant table she has produced. I have never gone away hungry from a feast Maggie has cooked. But just as important is the passing on of those skills to the next generation which makes our society stronger and helps to ensure the stability of the realm and she has done.
    This speaks to me as a Pelican and why I call her my peer.

Order of the Rose: Isabel, speaks on the candidates Nobility and Courtesy 
    Isabel could not be present but sent her words which were read by Baroness Katherina Mernewegh

    Your Majesties, assembled nobles, hear my words
    I am Duchess Isabel Peregrinus, and these are my words for Magdelena Grace Vane
    Having been fortunate enough to witness Maggie's journey in the last 10 years I have been impressed, inspired and always so very well fed.
    Maggie's care and compassion for those around her has no limits, she is like a Rose in that aspect, gentle but with an iron will to not only deliver but excel. I will never forget the deep fried ravioli event- or as it was formerly known Drachenwald 25 years and summer coronation- where the feast instantly became one of legends.
    Maggie's culinary art goes from strength to strength built on solid foundations of food science -and in my opinion magic
    My Queen, my King, thank you for recognizing her worth and stature as She is my peer.

Member of the populace: Erik,

Herald: Drachenwald has many Peers, but many more who are not Peers, and their voice is mighty. To be ignored is the peril of all! Is there a member of the populace here who will speak for Magdelena? 
This bit is important for me. I reworded it ever so slightly so it was smoother and the emphasis was put in the places I felt were most important. I said when I was Baroness, 'I am not only the voice of the crown to my people, I am my people's voice to the crown'. For me it has always been a 2 way street where being the voice of a champion has always outweighed that of being the voice of authority. It is said in many places about the crown 'You rule because they believe.' The power lies with the people.

His words were spoken with resound.
    Yes, I will, Erik Olavson Haane! 
    The King and Queen should fear the wrath of the Drachenwald people! At this time though, you don't have to. You have done right and chosen to recognize a worthy peer! She works hard all over the Kingdom spreading  inspiration and knowledge! Bringing the Dream to life for the people. Maggie Vane is a worthy peer in my mind and in my heart! And to the people of Drachenwald.
(Do not let it take this long) 

As part of my ceremony there was added a presentation of books:

Closed Book (Vigil book) – Brought forth by: Giano

This tome and its words of wisdom and support represent your past. Although closed, look back on it with fond remembrance and never forget its lessons as your path continues forward.

Open Book (blank) – Brought forth by: Ellisif

This tome (holding up book, open, for all to see) remains as yet unwritten, a symbol of the future that you must forge. Infinitely open, fill it with life and new learning.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Words in the form of a scroll

 These are the most beautiful words I have ever seen. My scroll left me literally agape and without words at it's beauty .

The scribes own words on the project can be found here:

His photos are lovely but I wanted to include these two which were taken by Oriane for me as my camera is not of a great quality.

I will fill in that I am a HUGE fan of all things Alice and this piece that inserts me into the story is just amazing!!

Gifts: given and received

This post has taken me most of a week to put together. I am battling a chest cold now. The sinus crap headed south, ugh!

I received quite a few things. Thank you to everyone!! The thoughtfulness and love is overwhelming .

I received some words.

Some tools

<---- From Daria From Kara (Under)

Some books
                                    Volker and Gunhild                    Judith

Giano ( an iron fist to rile my apprentices)

Sometimes the packaging was just as awesome

Elissa von Berenklaw
<---Hanna, Margareta (middle) Katherina Mornewegh --->

Nathalie                                         Swanhilde and Anke                Hannah        

Picture cookies in the basket under the crochet ( From Daria, crochet by her friend, freehanded!)

To wear!
Ava van Alcemere              Site token by Ld Simmeon                Alissa van Bereklaw

To eat and drink!

<---Tova knows me well, as does Hiltrude, Special connections with Aetta

To grown my own! ( wish me luck Nathalie)

To eat with (Margareta)

For tears of sadness and joy
<----Bridget Greywolf  and Her Majesty Jaqueline ------>

Anyone or anything I have missed I deeply apologize It was a blur of a weekend and I did the best I could to remember.

Gifts I gave
I made vigil tokens from wooden 'spice' spoon, stamped and lacquered to be food safe.

And for my speakers and others important to the ceremony I made rings! With the help of Baroness Estrid