Saturday, January 14, 2023

What the year will bring

 I have a chunk of the year mapped out and a strict 


Schedule as it is:

February: Scriptorium (cooking)

March: Arts in April (attending)

            Spring Crown Tournament (autocrat)

April: Flaming Arrow (small chance to attend but on my list anyway)

May: Doublewars (Still lots of logistics to work out)

June: Strawberry Raid (attending and camp cooking, really want to get there)

          30th Year Celebration and Coronation ( attending and some stuff to organize)

Now, where I am at with all of these things. 

Food for scriptorium is planned, nothing left there

Crown.... This one is complicated. We are still missing event staff, will try to scare up what we need but the monkey in the program, I need a feast cook!!!! I had one but due to circumstances beyond his control can not attend. So, plan B..... nope plan B did not pan out, On to plan C!!!! This is in process and fingers crossed!

Flaming arrow would be a birthday trip for me. I'd love to go. It has been forever since I did any archery

Doublewars: Time to look at logistics and money, ugh!!

Strawberry Raid: Halfway there.... but again, logistics and money

30 year: I need to ask some questions, pay some money, figure it all out

so ya, There we have it...

Oh, 2 more things... Online university (end of this month) and in person university (cooking in November)

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Welcome to 2023

 I really should write more often. I just don't often think about it, maybe that will be my push in the new year, at least once a month should be doable, right?

Anyway 2022 is wrapped up. I always think 'I haven't really done much' but if I look at the list, I kinda have. So my list is as follows:

January: Taught 2 classes at online university
April: Cooked for Arts in April, Attended an event with no responsibilities 
May: Cooked at Double Wars (breakfast/brunch shift), was a consort for crown, helped with an elevation, embroidered 3 leaves for her laurel wreath, constructed a simple construction tunic (all but the hem), started a new gown, hand sewed a small red cap
June: Cooked at Coronation, trimmed the little red cap
July: attended an event with no responsibilities
October: Attended Crown as a consort, finished the gown I started, embroidered a pair of garters and a patch for an elevation cloak

I have also been hosting on line sewing circles, not quite every week but most weeks. I have been doing research in the field of cooking as well for upcoming events. I started the planning for Spring Crown (i'm autocratting), helping with 2023 on line uni, and planning the cooking for several more events that will take place in the coming year.

Speaking of the coming year, my plans are:

January: On line uni
Feb: Cooking at Scriptorium and Carnivale
March: Spring Crown, as autocrat and consort
April: AiA as an attendee
June: 30th year
July: Red and Gold
November: Cooking for in person Kingdom University

I am sure more will fill in the schedule but these are the firm things in the calendar.

Happy New Year all, May it be bright, blessed, and full of Joy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

How we got here

 Feel free to pass this post by, It is just a meandering thought I wanted to get out.

In my Facebook memories was a memory from 12 years ago. 'Super Barony' , it was a silly name for something that I was passionate about and had been for several years. When I moved to the lands called Rauchenderberg, at this point 20+ years ago, there were 2 Baronies in Germany. Knights Crossing, the most ancient of lands in the kingdom and Drei Eichen, a totally German barony that had a few expats but had been grown and maintained by the German population there. 

As soon as I hit these shores there was already murmuring of a Danube barony. One that would unite Southern Germany and Austria. A cool idea from my perspective. Of course this idea had pitfalls one of them being it crossed an international border and the SCA inc frowned on that, but still a group of us held out that someday, we could have another Barony in Germany. Sadly, this was not meant to be, but what happened instead is just as much of a good thing and in hindsight, an even better thing.

You see, as time went on the SCA population dwindled, especially in Southern Germany where a large portion of the players had been US military members and their dependent's who are only here for 3-5 years at best. Slowly groups dwindled and then blew away like dust. This was not a unique thing though to the South, Dre Eichen a formidable barony dwindled in numbers as well reducing them from a Barony to a shire, and at one point practically non existent. At this same time the numbers in Knights Crossing were dwindling as well. Our southern most Shire, Isengau also fell prey to the changing times. People moved, had kids, just stopped, and many other cases of 'life' happened that kept people from the SCA. 

I am not quite sure how the conversation started, but I know several of the players involved. Ele, Haldan, Gottfried and myself got the ball rolling. Others were of great support as well, Bridget, Marcus, Judith and Gerhardt were a few. No matter, the idea had been struck, maybe we should become a canton of KC (Knights Crossing) and if we did, maybe others would too. There was talk of what the pro's and con's could be. There was lots of talk! We held a meeting in my dining room (I've got the salt!!) and talked among the members of Turmstadt. We hashed out many things but came to the conclusion, we are better and stronger together. I then spent weeks talking to members of other shire's, I think we all did. Planting seeds, growing the idea of an all Germany barony. Baby steps.

We decided to go forward and there was a polling held for who the new Head(s) of the Barony would be. As it stood 4 couples put in letters of intent and of those four it was me and my husband(at the time) that were chosen. It was announced at the Spring Crown Tournament and in April that year and would be July before the investiture happened. In that time we prepared and talked some more and on the day we took the Baronial seats, we accepted 7 cantons to the Barony. It was new territory for all of us. I had never been a Baroness and they had never been cantons. We did all we could to make the transition smooth, to keep the promise that you didn't have to surrender your local identity to be part of something larger, and I like to think we succeeded. 

Those first two years were rough and had frustrations but there was also oh so much joy. Ten years on and I have watched with joy and pride to see us grow. Meadowmarsh joining under our successors and after them Isengau (unfortunately, their lands became ours by default as there were no active members there), bringing the baronial lands to include all of Germany. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

A year and 2 days

 It has been 1 year and 2 days since my elevation. 

What have I discovered? 

I have been discovering what sort of peer I want to be, and what I don't want to be. 

I will likely be hands on (when I can). I like to DO things. I like to learn things.

I will serve but I will also cook! I was told now is the time for me to step back and let others come forward. While that sounds ideal, we do not seem to have the cooking population locally to support that entirely, Also... I like cooking! I enjoy it! I do it because I love it, not because I have to. I have a couple of things brewing (big and small)  and look forward to each of them!

I have more to offer than I first thought I did. While my primary art is cooking. I also research, I also motivate, I inspire and I spark curiosity in people. Even when their art is not my own. 

I will speak up
I will speak honestly
I will speak truth
I will be gentle
I will be kind
I will learn
I will grow
I will do better and be better

Monday, October 24, 2022

A new path

 This folks is my contract with Ava van Allecmere ( her blog is Here ) Though we did not get to sign it this weekend due to my being ill. We will get it signed! But we would also like to announce the confirmation of this relationship and the new journey we will embark on!

I would also like to mention that at Crown, though we did not do anything fancy, I was taken in as protégé' to Caitriona of the Ravens! and that journey begins as well. 

I am looking forward to these adventures and seeing what we all get up to while growing this society together.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

How to take a realistic look at the work I am doing (or have done)

 After an event it is easy, especially as the time slips by, find yourself either focused on what went right or too often focusing on what went wrong. Like any artist we look at our work with a critical eye and see the 'mistakes' that no one else even knew were there.

I believe I have mentioned it on my blog elsewhere that my Magistra and I engaged in what we called a 'post mortem'. A dissection of the my performance at the event in question. We created a form for me to think about and answer the questions of. We communicated on any issues, praise or comments that came in. I have posted a couple of these to my blog in the past as sort of an accountability for myself and a way to track progress.

Now you might be thinking, But Maggie, 'I'm not a cook. How does this apply to me?'. The answers are simple. You can apply these questions to not just the workings of the kitchen but most aspects of running an event as well. 'But Maggie, I didn't run an event.' That is fine, did you enter a competition, a display, do something out of your comfort zone? With a little tweaking the 'form' can fit a multitude of situations. Adopt what works, throw out what doesn't add as necessary. 

Do I need a peer to use this form with. Short answer is, no. This can be used for simple self reflection. I have continued to use it for myself since my elevation for the purpose of self reflection. I will use it with my students and apprentice(s) as a guidance tool and If there is anyone out there that would like to go through the process I am glad to help out as a peer or as a friend.

5 'simple' questions:

Post Mortem

1.) What went well? What will you do the same next time? Consider logistics, staffing, purchasing, pre-shopping, etc.

2.) What were the major crises that arose? How did you handle them? How would you handle them differently next time? Consider logistics, staffing, purchasing, pre-shopping, etc.

3.) Of the aspects that went wrong, which were the result of planning issues, which were the result of site issues, and which were the result of staffing issues? (i.e. what leads to the "failure")?

4.) In terms of the dishes themselves, how satisfied were you with their result? What would you do differently for them?

5.) Did the food meet your goals? If not all of them, which ones were achieved, and which were not?

6) Other Notes

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I can't teach

 This is a phrase that I think many of us have said to or about ourselves and I think I have had an epiphany about it, much in the same way I had one about 'I can't art'.

First what is teaching? What is the first thing that pops into your head? School? Classroom? Lectures? PowerPoint presentations? 

What about, mentoring? Long talks? Geeking out? Sharing a link? An article? or a Technique? A recipe? A book? Resources? Do you think of any of that.

What is teaching is as wide of a subject as subjects there are to teach and teachers to teach them.

I can't teach to me was... I am nervous in big groups when the focus is all on me for a prolonged period of time. It's I can't teach someone how to do things my way because I just do it! 

What *I* CAN do is... teach someone how they can do it. Help them discover what their way of cooking, organizing, research, redaction, and all that goes with it is. Help draw out what works for them while sharing the things that may or may not have worked for me. I can direct someone to better resources. I can be an ear for their theories and suppositions and help them work out the logic. I can teach, just not in the way that others may see as 'teaching'.

Teaching is not black and white. It is not replication of what another does. Teaching is a form of sharing and we as teachers need to modify to how a student learns as well as to what our own style of teaching is.