Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Thoughts on Peerage from the #LongestVigilEver

 Being given a writ during a pandemic has had some upsides and one of them really has been the time to reflect on what it means to me to be a peer and what sort of peer do *I* want to be. The thoughts come and go and I try to track them the best I can (Thank you Johanna for the best book ever!!). As I was chatting with a friend the other day I shared with her what I am going to share now.

Many talk about a path to peerage and the journey they are on. I myself have even referred to it as such, but it has really struck me that all my work and my apprenticeship has not been a path or a journey. Peerage is not the destination or the end. What is it then? The work I have done to get here is my 'packing phase' I have gathered my tools and resources. Saved my money and chosen a 'way'. All of the work up until my writ was just to get me to my front door. My journey, my path, starts when I take on the mantle of peerage and walk out the door. Along the way I will meet others either gathering their own tools and supplies or who have headed out their own doors and have taken to the open road. I look forward to those I will me along the way. Peerage is not a destination, it is the start of a journey.

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