Thursday, November 21, 2019

Research and rabbit holes

As I begin to embark further into the text that is the Neapolitan Cookbook, which until now I had only given a glance to in the context of reading it through and picking at it, making no notes other than mental and a few marked pages of immediate interest, I feel both excitement and trepidation. Excitement to learn and discover new things, to make connections with the things I already know having worked with sources that come before and come after this text. Trepidation in that it feels overwhelming with all that is buzzing in my head. I am going to need to focus to stay on task and not dive down too many rabbit holes.

I have only but begun and already I have in my notebook 2 rabbit holes to pursue at another time. Like Scappi it contains a bit of advice for the reader. Though nowhere near the comprehensive book (chapter) that is a dissertation from Master to apprentice on the teaching of how to be a master cook found in Scappi. It is nice to have something to think on from this time. An eye into the mind of a cook that was there.

' The professional cook  must be devoted wholly to the service of his master; he has one capital rule and that must be always to work to satisfy his master's taste. His profession must exist solely to serve that taste.'

'Let the cook be a gourmand, not for his own sake but for that of his master.'

When cooking for certain personages I have already had this in mind but had not the words to express it. When cooking in a more general sense I cook to please my own tastes.

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