Wednesday, November 20, 2019

At it again

An opportunity has arisen to cook for an event closer to home this time. I will be cooking for an event that I have long missed. A return to a Fortuna's Champion type event. I have no name for the event yet but I look forward to cooking near Munich on the weekend of Feb 28 to March 1. I have only 2 requests from the event staff and that is I not do lentils and that I serve pear pudding at some point. Other than that it is free reign to make what I like. Lunch will be kept simple but period as usual, likely recipes from varied sources, and Dinner / Feast will let me explore better the Neapolitan Cookbook. While I have read through the source I have yet to fully explore it or do any redacting from it. I look forward to seeing what will develop.

We are expecting a smaller type event of about 30-50 people. I am hoping that we will have a good draw. An event focused on games is rare and this had been one of the best. I am excited to see where it leads especially at the chance to expand our southern groop again and maybe jolt them to some extra action. I would love to see a large turnout to show them that they have not been forsaken or forgotten. That the expansion into the Barony is a positive thing that will bring with it renewed vigor and energy for this hobby we love so much.

I look forward to this opportunity in so many ways!!! I am so excited!

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